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February 17, 2006
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Michelle and Feo- Cast Shot by mr-insomnia777 Michelle and Feo- Cast Shot by mr-insomnia777
I guess the fact that there's actually a background on this inspired from Matt, otherwise there would only be white. Anyhoo here's the cast of Michelle & Feo, lemme just bring it down a notch and elaborate on them
(In order from Left to Right)

Feo is a self-centered, egotistical, and generally jerky character. Mainly because life has been so bad to him. First of all he's a shaved cat, who wants to be one of those? And secondly he is a struggling animator for a network that has been going downhill and selling out to 5 year olds. (Yes this is a parody of CN), he is best "friends" with Michelle, if you exclude the fact that he tries to get her fired from her great job as a comic book artist.


Grundman is a small 9 year old boy, and also Feo's last line of advice. Grundman wants nothing more than to be Feo's best friend and help him out when he's down. Tied between his knowledge of right and wrong and the will to help Feo out at all costs, Grundman gets in to bits of trouble when Feo is around. Grundman is a beaver if you can't tell.


Michelle is a happy-go-lucky moron. Best friends with Feo, constantly irritating Feo in the process. She is a very successful manga artist for her local comic publisher.


Karlee is Michelle's girlfriend, not girlfriend as in...relationship. But girlfriend as in, her homegirl. She is a manager at the comic shop that sells Michelle's work. She has a monsterous crush on Feo but Feo don't fly with no freakin' bunny.

The Onion (Don):

Don is the freak of the neighborhood. He runs an icecream parlor down the road, the gang usually stops by daily for a sundae or two. The gang has a pretty good relationship with Don, but of course, they're jerks to him. Thus they have dubbed him The Onion, for being the only anthropomorphic vegatable in town. And possibly on Earth.


Kristi, a MALE hippo, is a very unhappy individual. Given the name Kristi by his adopted hippie clam family, Kristi set out to get his revenge on the world. He figured he'd take his rage out on the thing he hated most, besides VHS cassettes, the animation industry. He is Feo's boss and he constantly bites away at Feo's work until it is so deprived of any creativity that...KIDS WILL LOVE IT. He enjoys being a jerk, and celebrates it.
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Krokotillianis Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2006
This, in all irony, sounds like something I'd see on Cartoon Network.
mr-insomnia777 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2006
You can burn in hell. Because in all suck.
Krokotillianis Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2006
But seriously, it's got everything CN shows have:

The surly co-host,
The happy-go-lucky co-host,
The overbearing boss,
the SeCrEt CrUsH!,
The annoying wannabe,
and, at last, Le Freak.

Those are all standard cartoon achetypes. You can do better than that!
Mageman Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2006
I personally can't think of any shows on CN that have characters like that.
Krokotillianis Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2006
Seriously?! You've never seen Billy and Mandy? Or The Looney Toons? Or a whole bushel of cartoons I could name? Heh. I said bushel.
mr-insomnia777 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2006
Look at MGR, I obviously can't do better than that.
Krokotillianis Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
Hey, that is a good cartoon. And don't go all "It's the zenith of my ability" on me.
nicelyweird Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2007   General Artist
A cartoon network show could to some level have the personalities you've stated (that of course being the description being dumbed down to its LOWEST level); but it still does not change the fact that there will still be personalities and character development as well as free writing (as there is no pathetic censoring for this style of media on the internet) completly seperate from any dumbed down piece of Cartoon Network C-R-A-P CRAP!

So yes, you could say the personalities are like a cartoon network show but add a paragraph about the characters personality based around and scripts and story from say... the next three episodes and then compare them to a paragraph of information of a character from a cartoon network show and notice the amazing difference known as "The indie animator is showing up entire studios of animators, some of which have been in the buisness for years" disorder.

I'm gonna stop now because i'm spurting crap... and have gone off track from the point.
Krokotillianis Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2007
Well, at least your response was well written and thoughtful... Bit of a far cry from "You can burn in hell"! Of course, this being the internet, and me being me, I'm used to it.

I'm NOT used to two-paragraph responses detailing what I said and why it may be inaccurate.
Krokotillianis Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2006
Wow, that IS ironic.
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